Cadet Police Academy
Developing Tomorrow's Law Enforcement Today


The Cadet Police Academy graduation ceremony will take place at the Lincoln Theater on the University of Hartford campus. 

Parents or Guardians and immediate family members of cadets are invited and welcome to attend.  All tickets are free.  The C.P.A. hosts over 350 cadets and 100 plus advisors.  Seating in Lincoln Theater is limited to 700.  This policy is designed to provide a fair and understandable method of seating.

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Ticket Distribution:

Each cadet is invited to bring two (2) family members or friends and will receive two (2) Lincoln Theater seat tickets prior to the graduation.  Family and Friends without tickets will be asked to sit in the overflow seating hall and will have the opportunity to watch the graduation via video feed from Lincoln Theater.   

Extra Tickets:

In the event that a Cadet’s family does not need both tickets, they should be returned before or on Wednesday at lunch time.  There will be a return ticket box posted in the chow hall. 

All tickets must be presented at the door in person.  One ticket per person per seat.  Lost ticket complaints or Ticket disputes will not be entertained.  Any and all parties involved in ticket disputes or without a ticket will be asked to sit in the overflow seating hall.  Tickets have no cash value and scapling is prohibited.  All individuals entering Lincoln Theater must have a ticket, regardless of age.